Here are the images and the story presented at my thesis review.

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A society based on the spirit of community rather than the individual.


Stand against Monsanto through adjacency to their Headquarters and fields.


Most of the spaces will be destined to the common life. Kitchen, living rooms, and dining space will be shared and generous common areas will allow big gatherings.


A society based on gifting, where everybody works for the collectivity and where personal achievements will be encouraged and rewarded. Everybody will be allowed to work outside of the community for an external income.


Moving from place to place following the cycle of the crops. A transportable city that, while moving, will make the surrounding areas be aware of its passage with performance of music and lights.


A society where art, music, and performance are the base to stimulate the individual and collective creativity.


Leave no trace after the ‘migration‘. All of the cutting edge strategies to respect the environment will be respected and thought.


Folding structures to move efficiently. The moving trucks will be used as habitations. In case of existent dismissed structures, the reuse of those will be a primary focus of the community.