Being supported in a journey of self transformation makes everything easier, faster, long-lasting and really, really fun!


The goal of the coaching programs is to bring you to reach your full potential in all the aspects of your life. Deepening self love and relationships, finding balance between body, mind and spirit, dancing with fears and blockages to learn how to release them,  going inwards to understand deeper layers of ourselves and learning how to truly play with life, making it the most fun and peaceful it has ever been are some of the topics that we will work on. 

Starting from ‘Awareness’ about some specific topics of your interest, we will use many tools that I will help you in activating and reinforcing. Some of the most powerful are Courage, Trust, Kindness, Gratitude and Presence’. I will help you to enter into a similar heart-set that I am living in, where you can wake up every day more joyful than the day before…and going to sleep every day with more gratitude than in the morning! The world where you create your own reality, where you make your life your canvas. It’s that place of life the I define as the ‘curve of exponential joy’. It’s the state where we can truly remember who we are, souls made of pure conciseness.



I started to informally coach friends since when I have memory. At the elementary school, I remember being the one who was helping everybody on: ‘How to cheat with your home work’, or ‘How to get the gift you want from your parents’. Later it became about ‘How to find or to behave with girls’, or ‘How to organize parties’, or ‘How to be liked by friends’. 

Then things changed, because when I was 17 my life become a real mess. Due to the death of my dear Fabio, my stepfather (who I met when I was four and loved so much that I called him plastic death) in my arms with a heart attack, I entered into a spiral of self-destruction, where conciseness entered into a deep sleep. I was finding myself into hospitals, police stations, tribunals or waking up in random places really often. I was destroying myself with alcohol and drugs for years, to num the pain of Fabio’s death. I become really violent, pessimistic, arrogant, materialist, superficial, racist, overall, very angry with God and with the world! 



However, several personal near-death experiences (many defined as miracles) and a specific event, that I call, ‘My first rebirth’ dramatically changed my life again. When I was 21 for the first time in four years I decide to share the story of how Fabio died. All of my friends knew he had a heart attack, but no-one knew he actually died in my arms. So, one day, while driving back from Spain, I decided to share the story with Paul, one of my best friends. It was so painful to share it, (I was crying so hard that it was hard to breathe) that at the end I decided to never share that story again. Three hours later, at the checkpoint for the pay-tool, I hear a young girl screaming and crying. I turned my head and I saw her father, man who was having a heart attack. I jumped in his car, took his tongue out of his mouth and started to do anything I could to save him. I was helped by some people around me. However, he slowly started to loose his vital energy...he was dying. I was the 21-years old boy directing the 'saving attempt' so at that point everybody looked at me in the eyes. they were all asking me what to do. That moment was a true tragedy because I felt guilty of not having been able to save him. My body fulfilled with so much anger that my energy exploded in me up to the point that I gave him three punches on the chest. With the third punch, I was able to resuscitate him...he was back! With that third punch, we saved each other lives! That punch gave me back faith in the world and made me start a new wonderful life journey.

One year later I decided to reinvent who I was. I got a one-way ticket to Australia and started a new life. After many years of working on myself, I become the person I wanted to be and I am today eating the fruits of many years of spreading, watering and taking care of seeds of positivity. I am a proof that it’s possible to go from deep darkness (up to a place where my father wanted to send me to rehab and my entire family tried to convince my mom to 'let me go' because I was a 'lost ball') to a truly joyful life. It took me years, because I worked by myself, with no-one who told me what to do. My goal is to help people experiencing deep transformations with a process that will be fast, efficient and fun! Thanks to having lived, travelled and volunteered in 60 countries, many self development courses, a Vipassana experience (10 days in silent meditation), several fasting retreats, shamanic journeys in the Amazon with ancient tribes, wonderful game-changers gatherings, and constant masterminds with the most amazing people I have ever met, I have learned new tools to help anybody to improve sustainably.



The combination of working both online and face-to-face, will allow us to have both, the really needed human connection and the flexibility of being where we like to be.


I would LOVE to have the opportunity to share with you all the tools I know to help you in living a life fulfilled with joy and balance. A life where you can truly live in the present moment, always following your heart and your highest excitement. 

Through both, deep listening and mentoring, my clients today are getting my genuine essence of wanting to see everybody in becoming ‘The best version of yourself’. However, that ‘everybody’ here could be misleading. I will work just with fully committed people, so you need to be ready to open your heart, your mind and truly want to start a journey of change and evolution.


If you are ready for it, I promise you magical results, not only for yourself, but also for anybody who will come across your path. You will become a beam of light attracting anything you decide to! 



Don't let your past dictate who you are...but let it be a part, OF WHO YOU WILL BECOME!!!

So, are you ready to jump into the curve of exponential joy? 


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